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Skull and bones open beta – tips and tricks

Are you ready to dive into a world of swashbuckling fun? Well if you were thinking about diving in, you might be wandering about tips and tricks for the Skull and Bones open beta. What is good to know before taking the helm? Let’s find out together.

Of course, as with any Ubisoft games, it might be a good idea to remember that this game still comes from Assassin’s Creed. It was originally a minigame for Black Flag, figure that. But with that said, let’s dive in and discover useful tips and tricks for Skull and Bones open beta.

Skull and Bones open beta tips and tricks

Tip #1 – sink ships in the tutorial mission

There is no need to waste time trying to fight ships in the tutorial mission. Just focus on sinking them and complete the tutorial, no other hassle required.

Tip #2 – don’t waste too much time on cosmetics

At the start of the open beta, you get the chance to customize your character’s appearance. While that’s all good, it’d be best not to waste too much time since you can go back at a later time to do it anyway, since there’s a shop on your main island. Just put some touches here and there and dive in the game.

Tip #3 – first steps to progress quickly

After you reach the first island, accept the mission from the NPC you will find as they will tell you to collect items. Now, break the lock on the ship and trigger the cinematic by going up and left. Now go to the yellow sailpoint and you will be to the single player part of the game.

Tip #4 – how to craft correctly

In the crafting area, there will be blueprints and materials. If you are looking for more, the blacksmith will be your friend. In order to find all materials, zoom in on the map and you will find them. After you gather what you need, you have to refine materials as well (like wood into planks). That is a necessary step for crafting.

Tip #5 – the carpenter is your friend

The Carpenter is an essential part of the game, not only will he sells blueprints to upgrade your ship but also your tools. These are quite useful as they will bring extra damage multipliers, among other things. Invest in those regularly.

Tip #6 – always keep a rescue kit

The rescue kit is one of the most important items in Skull and Bones. If after a long fight, your ship is almost about to sink, that kit will be your salvation, otherwise you are stuck having to desperately reach a port.

Tip #7 – how to quickly board your ship

If you press and hold, on your gamepad, the B button (or Z), it will automatically transport you to your ship and board it immediately, wherever you are on the island. Quite handy.

Tip #8 – collect and cook food

While you won’t die by eating raw food in Skull and Bones, cooking it will massively improve the benefits you get from it, like a full stamina recover. Quite handy if you’re running away from enemies.

Tip #9 – how to quickly get a ship

The best way to get your hands on a ship and quickly, is by trying to complete as many story missions as possible. Thus, ships will be unlocked automatically, no need to craft or spend too much materials on them.

Tip #10 – how to get rich quickly

Treasure maps are a great way to hunt down rewards in Skull and Bones. They will mention an island, along with, many times, a specific object or a peculiar landmark. Unfortunately, there will be no more clues many times, so you might have to spend some time looking for them. Rewards may include refined metal, attachments, and powerful weapons for your ship.

These are all the tips you need for the Skull and Bones open beta. For more interesting sailing, check out our guide on how to get acacia.

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