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Seafood appetizer Disney Dreamlight Valley – how to make it

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is known for making both simple and complex dishes difficult to make. In this guide, we will take you through how to make the Seafood appetizer Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Seafood Appetizer is one of the most basic seafood recipes. While it may seem simple, you’ll need to be careful about one thing when cooking. 

Well, we’re here to tell you what it is! Let’s find out how you can make the Seafood appetizer Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to cook the Seafood appetizer in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you want to prepare a Seafood Appetizer, you will need one key ingredient, which is any Seafood. However, bear in mind that you will also need one piece of Coal Ore to cook the dish at a stove or cooking station.

There are seven different types of seafood that you can use for this dish. You can forage Clams, Oysters, and Scallops off the ground in the Dazzle Beach Biome. However, if you want to add a touch of rarity to your dish, opt for Oysters. They are the rarest of the three and will significantly boost the resale value and energy regeneration of this dish. Alternatively, you can catch some seafood while fishing. Fishing spots are generally indicated by blue spots, such as Shrimp in Dazzle Beach or Crab in the Frosted Heights.

You can add more ingredients to improve the energy regeneration or resale value of the recipe. Disney Dreamlight Valley has many recipes, and adding more ingredients can sometimes make a different recipe entirely. If you want to make only the one-star recipe though, don’t add the extra ingredients!

That’s all there is to making Seafood appetizers in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Looking for more guides? Find out the onion grow time and how to make basil omelette.