return to monkey island release date guybrush opening a chest

Return to Monkey Island release date and gameplay trailer

When Ron Gilbert announced he was going back to work on a new adventure game, Return to Monkey Island, he did so on April 1st so that everyone would scarcely believe that to be true. But it was true, so the next question on everyone’s lips would be: when is the Return to Monkey Island release date?

Following the original announcement, Gilbert has been weekly tweeting images and short videos to whet everyone’s appetite. Indeed the art style has been the talk of both Twitter and Facebook for months now, with many fans not being shy to voice their dissatisfaction with the new art style and others coming to defend Gilbert and his artistic choice.

Still, you have to wonder: what kind of Monkey Island game is Ron Gilbert and his team working on? Will this be a love letter to the nostalgics of the style or an entirely new beginning for the series? We can only speculate at this point, but it won’t be long before the game will be in our hands and we’ll find out for ourselves.

Return to Monkey Island release date

Return to Monkey Island will release on September 19, 2022. This date was announced in a new Gamescom trailer for the adventure game. It’s not long to wait and we’re excited to be back in this classic point-and-click universe after so long.

Return to Monkey Island gameplay

In the gameplay trailer, released a few months after Gilbert announced Return to Monkey Island, we can also see Elaine Marley, along with Guybrush, and of course, Murray making a comeback all the way from Curse of Monkey Island. What will be their roles in the story? Well, we got more of a glimpse of the gameplay at Gamescom when a new trailer arrived (below), and this is our first glimpse at how it will play.

At this point, the buzz about the game is very much real. Will Return to Monkey Island be able to rise up to everyone’s expectations? That will be quite difficult, but we can be sure that if there is someone who can develop an exquisite 2D point and click in 2022, then that person is Ron Gilbert, along with David Fox and other former Lucasarts developers.

Time to get your monkeys, your rubber chickens and voodoo trinkets ready, because it will soon be time to go back to Monkey Island!