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New Tales from the Borderlands Game Pass – is it available?

The announcement of a new adventure in the crazy world of 2K’s classic shooter Borderlands, definitely left many surprised. We are finally going back into that world, but this time through an adventure with multiple choices and an emotional storyline, just like Telltale did with the game some years ago. But now that is it announced, we have to wonder whether we’ll see New Tales from the Borderlands Game Pass appear or not.

This new adventure will feature entirely different characters from the past games (even though it might be reasonable to expect some callbacks), but we will still be in war-torn Promethea, trying to fight against an all-new menace that wants to reduce the planet to ashes. Nothing new under the Borderlands sun, huh?

But, since the announcement at Gamescom came as a surprise it also came with many details, so we’re definitely prepared. Now there’s just one question left – will we see New Tales from the Borderlands Game Pass?

Is New Tales From the Borderlands on Game Pass?

Right now, New Tales from the Borderlands is not on Game Pass. The game has been announced as just coming on the 21st of October on PC and consoles, but with no specification as to it being available from day one on Game Pass. But we will be sure to update this guide if any other news should come out regarding New Tales from the Borderlands being on Game Pass.

So, this time it seems like we’ll have to open our wallets to be able to access this new chapter in the history of Promethea and to be able to hang out with characters Anu, Octavio, and Fran. But this doesn’t mean that the game won’t come out on Game Pass in the future, of course, so perhaps you might also want to wait.

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