Nautilus Shell Stardew Valley – where to get it

Nautilus Shell Stardew Valley - where to get it A giant shell sitting on a beach

Selling items you discover during your exploration is a great way to make some extra Gold. One of these items is the Nautilus Shell. These items are pretty useful as not only do they sell for plenty of Gold, but you may even need them for a quest or gifting purposes. So, this article will let you know about the location where you can find Nautilus Shell in Stardew Valley.

As these shells are a rare item, they may have eluded you. However, there are several ways to acquire them, so don’t worry if you can’t find them instantly. If you are a collector then you need to add these Nautilus Shell to your collection for that prehistoric edge. They are pretty visually striking as well.

Keep reading to find out where you can find Nautilus Shell in Stardew Valley and get that precious item.

Nautilus Shell Stardew Valley - where to get it Character walking towards a shell

Where can you find Nautilus Shell in Stardew Valley?

You can find Nautilus Shell by foraging for it at The Beach during the Winter Season. Another way would be to become good friends with Demetrius and receive Nautilus Shell through his mail. They can also spawn on the Beach Farm during any season.

If you are unable to find them on The Beach, make sure to look for them on Saturdays, as this is the day when the chances of getting forageables are the highest.

You can also go foraging for them on levels 1-69 of the Mines while the Shrine of Challenge is active. You can also farm them with the help of Crab Pot fish, when the population of your fish pond reaches 9.

Leo really likes getting Nautilus Shell as a gift, everyone else either neutral or hates it. So, don’t go out giving it to everyone. You may even require it during a Fish Pond quest by Sturgeon. You may even get Nautilus Shell as a gift during Feast of the Winter Star. Traveling Carts sells them as well.

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