Monster Hunter Now chapters - how many are there? Character striking a flying monster

Monster Hunter Now chapters – how many are there?

Due to the immense amount of objectives and content Monster Hunter Now has, many players would’ve become exhausted while playing this. Fortunately, devs knew about the hindrance and smartly divided the content in this game into chapters. Thus, this creates a much more pleasant gaming experience, as players will be able to focus their efforts according to the requirements of each chapter rather than just mindlessly grinding. However, if you don’t know how many Monster Hunter Now chapters there are, this article will provide you with an answer.

Knowing how many chapters you will have to go through to make some serious progress will make this entire game more streamlined, and you can schedule your time more accurately.

Keep reading to find out all about the Monster Hunter Now chapters and how many you will play.

Monster Hunter Now chapters - how many are there? Character about to strike a monster

How many chapters are there in Monster Hunter Now?

Currently, Monster Hunter Now has 13 chapters. After finishing all of them, you have the option to replay the entire story again, but with even greater rewards and a harder difficulty. The following are all the chapters you will have to play through:

  • Prologue 1-6
  • Chapter 1: Beyond the Dust Clouds
  • Chapter 2: Shimmering Swamp
  • Chapter 3: Lurker of the Forest
  • Chapter 4: To Catch a Thief
  • Chapter 5: A Fluffy Suspect
  • Chapter 6: The Gluttonous Mastermind
  • Chapter 7: Owner of the Footprints
  • Chapter 8: Raging Flames
  • Chapter 9: Bright Lights and Beasts
  • Chapter 10: Glacial Gales
  • Chapter 11: The Looming Threat
  • Chapter 12: The Rumbling Heavens
  • Chapter 13: Sunderer of the Skies

Many players suspect that new chapters will be added in the future, as part of a seasonal story system. So, it is safe to say that you will be playing this game for a while now.

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