What weapons are in Monster Hunter Now? Character shooting at a giant monster

What weapons are in Monster Hunter Now?

You can now play Monster Hunter in real life. Well, at least through your smartphone. Since the release of Monster Hunter Now, it has become a hit, and this app has been downloaded millions of times. And if you want to first know what this game has to offer, especially in terms of weapons, then this article will provide you with a list of all the current weapons you can get in Monster Hunter Now.

These weapons look pretty impressive even for a mobile game, and you will feel really satisfied and powerful using them on insanely strong monsters during your travels.

Keep reading to find out about all the weapons in Monster Hunter Now. When you get all of these weapons, no monster will be able to defeat you.

What weapons are in Monster Hunter Now? Character dodging an attack from a monster

Weapons in Monster Hunter Now

Currently, you can acquire six types of weapons, the following are all of them:

  • Sword & Shield: This is the first weapon you will get. It is a perfectly balanced weapon, and you can focus on both offensive and defensive. Best for beginners.
  • Great Sword: To get this weapon, you will need to reach Chapter 2. This is a big weapon that deals heavy damage. You can also perform special attacks like “True Charged Slash” and knock out enemies very fast.
  • Long Sword: This weapon is perfect for players who really like speed and performing combos. You can deal constant damage to monsters before they even get a chance to attack. To unlock it, you will need to reach Hunter Rank 15.
  • Hammer: This is a gigantic hammer that can deal a ridiculous amount of damage. Perfect for taking down giant enemies. You may even take them out in one hit. It gets unlocked when you reach Hunter Rank 15.
  • Light Bowgun: With this weapon, you are able to damage enemies from a safe distance. Attacking from long-range is sometimes more effective on particular enemies than slashing them with a sword. It gets unlocked when you reach Hunter Rank 15.
  • Bow: This is another weapon that can be used from a safe distance, but you will be dealing precise and heavy damage to enemies. Your arrow will pierce through any kind of armor. You can get this when you reach Hunter Rank 15.

A season system will be used when it comes to adding new weapons in this game. So, keep an eye out for that, but for now, these are all the weapons you will have to use for defeating monsters.

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