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PGA Tour 2K25 release date estimate and everything we know

With so many gamers appreciating Pga Tour 2k23’s newest gameplay features and a rich course list, many were left disappointed by the series skipping its 2024 release. Players are now wondering about the PGA Tour 2K25 release date, will the series finally go back to its yearly release schedule?

We definitely need something new to keep ourselves golfing, so let’s look at everything we know about the PGA Tour 2K25 release date.

Read on below to find out all the information we have on the game and its modes.

When is the PGA Tour 2k25 release date?

If we were to speculate, we think that it might be possible to finally see PGA Tour 2K25 be released sometime in autumn of 2024. As we know, the series has skipped over PGA Tour 2k24, so fans are definitely wondering what is going on with that hectic release schedule, especially considering how the series – until 2k23 – as kept to a more or less constant release schedule.

Why did they skip last year’s release? We can only wonder about that, since PGA Tour 2k23 definitely seemed to do fine saleswise, even introducing the 3-Click swing which gamers seemed to like. Perhaps, with 2023 being quite a year filled with high profile release, 2K might have thought there wasn’t enough interest for a new golf game.

What is going to be featured in the newest title from the series? We will update as soon as we know more, but we are betting that Tiger Woods will still be featured as a playable character, since everyone seemed to like that feature. Perhaps we’ll also see some more classic golfers introduce along with him, such as Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus.

That’s all we now about the release of PGA Tour 2K25. For more information on the series, do check out our guides on PGA Tour 2k23 pros and everything you need to know about brands

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