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Is Hollow Knight Silksong multiplayer?

Hollow Knight Silksong, the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed game Hollow Knight, has been the talk of the gaming community since its announcement. As a fan of the original game, players have been eagerly following the development of Silksong, and one question that has been on everyone’s mind: is Hollow Knight Silksong multiplayer?

Multiplayer refers to the ability to play a game with or against other players, locally or online. It adds a social and competitive dimension to the gaming experience, allowing players to interact and collaborate with each other.

Read on to find out whether or not Hollow Kight Silksong multiplayer.

Is Hollow Knight Silksong multiplayer?

As of the writing of this article, there is currently no concrete information available regarding the possible inclusion of multiplayer in Hollow Knight Silksong.

Team Cherry, the studio behind Hollow Knight, has been relatively tight-lipped about the game. In interviews and social media posts, they have neither confirmed nor denied the presence of multiplayer in the game. This ambiguity has only fueled speculation and anticipation among fans.

Although the developers have not provided any concrete information about multiplayer, we can glean some insights by analyzing the trailer footage. From the gameplay footage released so far, there have been no indications of multiplayer elements, such as multiple characters or even cooperative gameplay mechanics. 

To further understand the possibilities of multiplayer in Hollow Knight Silksong, we can look at the multiplayer features in the original Hollow Knight game. Hollow Knight was exclusively a single-player experience with no multiplayer functionality. This indicates that Team Cherry might have a similar approach for Silksong, prioritizing the immersive solo journey that made the original game so beloved.

That’s everything you need to know about this upcoming action-adventure game. We hope you find this guide helpful. If so, check out our other Hollow Knight guides on Hollow Knight Lake of Unn and Hollow Knight Willoh secret room