Exoprimal Barrage build - Barrage Exosuit

Exoprimal Barrage build – best loadout

The Barrage Exosuit is a formidable force on the battlefield, with its ability to rain down destruction upon hordes of enemies. To maximize its potential, it’s crucial to equip the right modules that complement Barrage’s unique playstyle. In this guide, we will explore the best Exoprimal Barrage build to unleash the primal power of this Exosuit. 

Barrage’s true potential lies in his ability to decimate hordes of enemies, so choosing the correct modules is necessary to unleash the primal power of this fierce Exosuit.

So let’s dive in and discover the best Exoprimal Barrage build.

Best loadout for Barrage in Exoprimal

To truly harness the power of Barrage, it’s essential to select the correct modules for each slot and take advantage of the general modules available. By equipping the Blast Enhancer, Lingering Threat, and Flare Dodge modules, you can optimize Barrage’s abilities and dominate the battlefield:

Slot 1: Blast Enhancer

In Barrage’s first slot, there are two modules to choose from: Blast Enhancer and Impact Grenade. While both have their merits, we recommend equipping the Blast Enhancer module for maximum effectiveness. This module increases the blast radius of Barrage’s attacks, providing a wider range of destruction. As Barrage excels at wiping out hordes of enemies, having a larger blast radius proves more beneficial in the long run. Unlocking at Exosuit level 4, the Blast Enhancer module is a must-have for Barrage users looking to unleash devastation on the battlefield.

Slot 2: Lingering Threats

Moving on to Barrage’s second slot, the choice lies between Lingering Threat and Boost Grenade. For optimal performance, we suggest equipping the Lingering Threat module. This module enhances Barrage’s Triple Threat ability, allowing the flames to linger for a longer duration. As enemies pass through these flames, they suffer continuous damage, making it an effective defensive tool against incoming hordes. Unlocking at Exosuit level 8, the Lingering Threat module adds another layer of devastation to Barrage’s arsenal.

Slot 3: Flare Dodge

In Barrage’s third slot, the decision comes down to Flare Dodge and Reload Dodge. While both have their advantages, we recommend opting for the Flare Dodge module. As Barrage thrives in the midst of combat due to his limited range, the Reload Dodge module becomes less valuable. Instead, the Flare Dodge module allows Barrage to eliminate more dinosaurs while simultaneously ensuring his safety. Unlocking at Exosuit level 14, the Flare Dodge module is a crucial addition to Barrage’s loadout.

That’s it in this Barrage best build guide. We hope you find this guide helpful. If so, check out our other guides, such as Exoprimal Roadblock build – best loadout and Exoprimal Skywave build – best loadout