Bomb Rush Cyberfunk fire hydrants – how to use them

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk - Skating on the streets

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, a thrilling indie game set in a futuristic cyberpunk world, has captured the attention of gamers and critics alike. Drawing comparisons to the beloved Jet Set Radio, this game offers a nostalgic 90s-themed adventure filled with fast-paced parkour and advanced graffiti. One unique gameplay element that stands out is the presence of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk fire hydrants.

Whether you are a Jet Set Radio fan or simply looking for an electrifying urban experience, we will help you navigate the cyberpunk landscape with finesse.

Read on to find out how Bomb Rush Cyberfunk fire hydrants work.

How do Fire Hydrants work in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk?

Fire hydrants in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk serve as launchpads for vertical parkour, allowing players to reach new heights and uncover hidden secrets. To activate a fire hydrant, all you need to do is hop on top of it with your skateboard and start performing tricks. This action will “unscrew” the hydrant and propel you several feet into the air.

Once airborne, you can dismount from the hydrant just like any other parkour platform. However, it’s crucial to note that fire hydrants only work when used with a skateboard. Attempting to activate them with any other equipment will prove futile.

Where to find Fire Hydrants

You can find Fire hydrants scattered throughout the neon cityscape of the game. They are positioned alongside streets, near walls, and even within open areas. In order to ensure that no fire hydrants go unnoticed, it is crucial to pay close attention to specific locations that offer exceptional parkour possibilities. 

These locations include corners, intersections, and areas adorned with architectural elements that facilitate vertical movement. By keeping a sharp eye out for these potential opportunities, you can guarantee that no fire hydrant remains unseen.

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