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Bear and Breakfast – how to sell items

If you’re playing Bear and Breakfast, then you must be fan of cozy games and we love it. One thing we don’t love is trying to work out how to sell items in Bear and Breakfast. It’s a great game, of course, but some things aren’t as obvious as they could be.

Whether you’re upgrading your bed and breakfast home or just trying to get rid of loads of unwanted items, we’ve put together this how to sell items in Bear and Breakfast guide to aid you on your journey to having lots of visitors to your bear-run holiday home.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about exchanging those unneeded items for cold, hard cash.

How to sell items in Bear and Breakfast

There is no way to sell items in Bear and Breakfast. This means that all of those items you have laying around cannot be traded for cash. Instead, you will need to store your unwanted items in chests, refrigerators, and other containers. The best location to store unwanted items is the Bear Stash, which you can find behind the Pawn Voyage Truck. You can store a large number of unwanted items here make to free yourself of clutter when you’re upgrading your bed and breakfast.

Unlike similar games like Stardew Valley, which let you simply pop things in the chest next to your house to be sold overnight, Bear and Breakfast forces you to come up with ingenious storage solutions to hold onto quest items until they are needed.

This also means that if you buy the wrong item at the shop, there is no way to return it, so you should be extra careful when you’re browsing for new things to buy in case you accidentally buy the wrong items.

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