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Is Avowed on PS5?

Are you ready for an immersive and thrilling RPG experience? Look no further than Avowed, the highly anticipated upcoming game developed by Obsidian Entertainment. With a track record of creating acclaimed RPGs such as Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds, Obsidian Entertainment is back with a game that has fans buzzing. However, there is one burning question on every player’s mind about Avowed coming to PS5?

Avowed takes place in the vast and captivating universe of Eora, which many fans will recognize as the setting of Obsidian’s previous RPG series, Pillars of Eternity. 

Read on to find out the answer to your question, about Avowed on PS5. Let’s look at everything we know.

Is Avowed Coming to PS5?

Unfortunately for PlayStation users, the answer is a resounding no. Despite the hype building around Obsidian Entertainment’s latest creation, Avowed, it seems that the game will be exclusively available on Xbox Series X/S and PC. As for those lucky Xbox Game Pass subscribers, they have reason to cheer as Avowed will be one of the titles available on the subscription service.

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Although there is no official release date for Avowed yet, fans can eagerly anticipate its arrival in the future. While it’s unlikely we’ll see it drop in 2023 due to being under development, the excitement surrounding Obsidian Entertainment’s highly anticipated RPG grows stronger with each passing day. Stay hopeful for a launch in 2024 as the team continues to refine and polish this masterpiece.

Avowed promises to take fans of RPG adventures on an epic journey they won’t soon forget. And with its potential link to Pillars of Eternity, the excitement continues to build. While PlayStation users may be left out due to its exclusive release on Xbox and PC, there’s no denying that Avowed is shaping up to be a truly special and unforgettable gaming experience that every adventure seeker should consider adding to their must-play list.

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