AC Mirage Dervis Artifacts - all locations Characters holding a sword and spear

AC Mirage Dervis Artifacts – all locations

Dervis Artifact is a side quest that requires you to pickpocket specific NPCs and get special artifacts from their pouches. This side quest will take you all over Baghdad, and you have to be careful as you are essentially stealing these items from the NPCs. So, if you are having trouble locating all the Dervis Artifacts in AC Mirage, then here’s a simple guide.

Keep in mind that NPCs will carry these artifacts, they are bound to move from one place to another, but knowing their location and where they generally reside will really help you to at least know where these NPCs will be roaming around.

You can then use your Eagle Vision or Enkidu to track them down. Keep reading to find out about the Dervis Artifacts locations in AC Mirage.

AC Mirage Dervis Artifacts - all locations Character pickpocketing another character

Where can you find Dervis’s Artifacts in AC Mirage?

The following are all the locations where NPCs with the artifacts can be found and you will need to pickpocket them:


  • Scandinavian Brooch: South of Ditch Sluice of the Fief, you will find a man preparing food for a lot of people. 
  • Money Cowrie: East of the Dyeing Factor and just northeast from the viewpoint. You will find a woman wearing black clothes and working with hay near the wooden bridge.
  • Aksumite Amulet: North from the viewpoint and just southwest of the Dyeing Factory. You will find the artifact on a woman tending to hay.
  • Buddhist Votive Plaque: East of the Great Mosque, there will be a man standing near a well and a hay cart. He will have a broom with him.


  • Chinese Box: Northwest of The Four Markets. The woman will be walking near the bookstore.
  • Tang Censer: Southeast of Hamman. The man will be shoveling some dirt.
  • Round Moon Plaque: North of Hamman, on the other side of the river. You will find a woman working in a butcher shop near the river.
  • Olibanum: East of The Great Bimaristan. You need to pickpocket a bearded man.


  • Chess Piece: East of Monastery of the Virgins. The man wearing green clothes near a trader.
  • Decorated Shell: West of Cookmen’s Quarter. The woman wearing yellow and purple.
  • Glass Weight: Northeast of Cookmen’s Quarter. The man standing near the pool of water.
  • Jade Comb: South of Harbor Camp. The man standing near the tree.

Wilderness (South)

  • Byzantine Bracelet: Southeast of Jarjaraya. The man closest to the hay cart.

Wilderness (West)

  • Kissi Penny: South of Oasis. The man near the dead tree.

Wilderness (North)

  • Staurotheke: Southeast of Winter Palace. The man watering the plants.

Round City

  • Christian Cross: West of the Postal Bureau. The man on the roof, next to the white flowers.
  • Coptic Censer: South of Harem. The man near the food stall.
  • Pyxis. Southeast of Shurta Headquarters. The woman near the market stalls wearing green.

These are all the places where you can find NPCs with the artifacts. We have now come to the end of this guide. If you liked what you just read, then please check out our other articles, such as A Challenge Enigma AC Mirage solution – how to beat and AC Mirage Mysterious Shards locations – how to find them all.