A Challenge Enigma AC Mirage solution - how to beat Character turning around

A Challenge Enigma AC Mirage solution – how to beat

Enigmas in Assassin’s Creed Mirage can be seen as side missions. They come in the form of scrolls with strange drawings that can lead you to rewards. However, these drawings are pretty cryptic, and you will need to decipher them first. One of these Enigmas is called A Challenge Enigma in AC Mirage, and here’s how you can solve it.

Solving this Enigma will require you to use your throwing knives, so remember to upgrade your throwing knives skills and carry a lot of them with you. And also, you will need to use your Eagle Vision to make one part of the solution easier.

Keep reading to find out how you can solve A Challenge Enigma in AC Mirage. Finding solutions to Enigma will give you rewards that may make you strong, so don’t avoid completing them.

A Challenge Enigma AC Mirage solution - how to beat Character running towards a building

How to complete the A Challenge Enigma in AC Mirage?

You can follow the steps below to solve this Enigma and get the reward:

  • When you travel to Yasiriyah in Abbasiyah, you should find a building south of the House of Wisdom. You can climb onto its balcony, and there, you will find the Enigma.
  • Now, to find the reward, you need to go to the east of the Observatory, across the river, and south of the Gate of Tahir.
  • There should be a giant water mill. Climb on top of it, and near the water wheel, you should see a window.
  • Use your Eagle vision, and you will be able to see a breakable window lock. Throw your knives at the lock, break it, and then go through the newly opened window and get inside.

The reward will be glowing. Just interact with it, and you will get the Black Rostam outfit dye. This is a fairly simple quest, as long as you know where you need to go.

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