Payday 3 cloaker -shooting the hosts

Payday 3 Cloaker guide – how to beat

In the thrilling world of Payday 3, players encounter formidable enemies known as Cloakers. These silent and agile ninjas are back with even more skills and mobility than before. They are a part of the special units called upon by local law enforcement when they can’t handle the heist crew. Cloakers are known for their relentless attacks and double-hand-wielding nightsticks. In this guide, we will share details on how to defeat Cloaker in Payday 3.

Defeating Cloakers requires practice and adaptability. It’s important to familiarize yourself with their attack patterns and movements to effectively counter their assaults.

Read on to find out how to defeat Cloaker in Payday 3.

How to beat Cloakers in Payday 3

Cloakers in Payday 3 are equipped with lightweight armor, allowing them to move swiftly and silently. Their acrobatic skills make them challenging to pin down. Unlike in Payday 2, they won’t instantly immobilize you but will continue to attack until your health reaches zero.

At that point, you will be completely incapacitated until a team member can revive you. It’s crucial to be prepared for their arrival and take them down quickly to avoid being overwhelmed. One of the key aspects of dealing with Cloakers is recognizing their presence. They emit a distinct shrieking sound as they rush towards their target.

This sound serves as a warning, indicating their imminent attack. Additionally, Cloakers now carry acid, which can destroy your health packs and valuable equipment. While the sound may be intimidating, it provides a clear indication of their approach. It is essential to react swiftly and eliminate them as soon as they appear.

When facing a Cloaker, you have a short window of opportunity to neutralize them before they incapacitate you. Aim for their head or deliver a few well-placed body shots to pin them down. Taking them out swiftly is crucial, as their acid can wreak havoc on your equipment and health packs. It’s advisable to prioritize dealing with Cloakers before engaging other enemies, as losing your gear can significantly impact the success of your heist.

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