Lies of P Trinity Door locations guide - find them all Character opening a door

Lies of P Trinity Door locations guide – find them all

Lies of P’s world contain a lot of hidden secrets and rewards that will really help out when dealing with dangerous scenarios. Surviving the city of Krat is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are low on items that might save your life. So, the devs have stored advantageous Amulets, Apparel, and many more items behind these Trinity Door in Lies of P. This article will provide you with all their locations.

To open these secret doors, you will need to first get the Trinity keys. These keys are given as a reward for solving strange riddles spread throughout the game’s world. If you don’t solve them, even after you find the Trinity Doors, you won’t be able to open them.

Keep reading to discover all the Trinity Door locations in Lies of P. Find these doors and enjoy some great rewards.

Lies of P Trinity Door locations guide - find them all Character running to a closed door

Where can you find the Trinity Doors in Lies of P?

The following are all the locations of Trinity Doors in Lies of P:

  • Trinity Door 1: Workshop Union Culvert — Inside the factory, cross the gap and enter a giant drain with an orange light. You will have to dodge some giant rolling boulders and keep moving forward. There will be a broken wall; just pass through it. You will reach an outside area and find a tunnel with more of these orange lights. Keep walking through it, and you will find the Trinity Door.
  • Trinity Door 2: St Frangelico Cathedral Chapel — Climb up the tower with the help of the ladders. Walk over the wooden beams; don’t fall down. You will reach an area with an enemy; take them out. Go down the ladder and reach an area with the rolling electric boulders. Keep dodging the boulders and keep going upwards. You will find the door on the left side.
  • Trinity Door 3: Estella Opera House Entrance — When you enter the Opera House, if you keep moving straight ahead, you will reach a room with a burning chandelier that is constantly moving. There will be a wooden beam; go on it and then drop down. You will find a door there.
  • Trinity Door 4: Krat Central Station Lobby — While moving from the Stargazer to the Open Street, you can find a door to your left.
  • Trinity Door 5: Arche Abbey Broken Rift — In the Ancient tower, you will reach an area where you will have to climb a lot of ladders to reach the top. Then, you will have to walk on a long plank, then climb down. You will find a door at the bottom.

In the 5th Trinity Door, instead of rewards, you will actually encounter a character called Arlecchino. He will ask you a question, and the answer is “Human.” Once you give this answer, you will be rewarded.

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