How long to beat Season's Greetings - Thomas Weiss standing outside of the mechanic shop.

Lake Season’s Greetings: how long to beat

Lake Season’s Greetings DLC is finally upon us and fans have been wondering how long it takes to beat. Let’s see what to expect from this holiday release. Season’s Greetings features many elements from the original game and there’s not much to do in terms of collectibles. You only follow the main story, which can change based on the dialogue choices you make. Thus, the duration is fairly similar regardless of how much of a completionist you are. Let’s see in detail.

How long to beat Season's Greetings - Thomas Weiss driving his maill van around Providence Oak.

Lake Season’s Greetings duration – how long to beat

Overall, Lake Season’s Greetings DLC takes about 4-5 hours to beat. This is similar to the base game and involves following the story. As there aren’t any side objectives to complete or collectibles to find, it should take more or less the same for everyone. If you try to interact with characters outside of your mail route, they will only have one text dialogue. You won’t be able to answer or interact more with them outside of the story. Unless you enjoy going out of your way just to explore the scenery, there’s not much else to do other than the main story.

However, what can slightly increase your playthrough by about 1-2 hours is the dialogue options you choose. One of the best parts of this game, as outlined in our Season’s Greetings DLC review, is dialogue options. You can choose to pursue dialogue options with the characters you like while keeping it short with those you don’t. Now, if you choose to pursue dialogue options and interactions with everyone by always encouraging meetings and chit-chats, the game can last a bit longer.

Additionally, there are various endings to the game based on who you’ll be friendly with and who you’ll ignore. Based on that, Season’s Greetings has enough replayability to justify a second playthrough, which is an extra 5 hours if that’s your thing.

To summarize, you can beat Season’s Greetings DLC in about 5 hours, which can increase to 6 or 7 if you pursue and extend all possible dialogue options. This can even reach 10-15 hours if you want to replay the game and seek different endings. Overall, its duration is similar to the base game, so if you enjoyed it and want more, definitely give it a try. Just remember that it’s all about relaxing, so don’t rush things. If you’re looking for a longer game, consider checking out our guide on how to find hidden event bosses in Risk of Rain Returns.

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