Is Starfield coming to PlayStation consoles? Character looking intensely

Is Starfield coming to PlayStation consoles?

Starfield has to be one of the most anticipated games of this year, and it makes sense why as it’s not only a new Bethesda title but also an original IP created from scratch by them. But, because of Starfield’s new-gen technical prowess, it is also a logical question to ask: Is Starfield coming to Playstation consoles?

Video games are now more accessible than ever, but this also creates mass saturation, so choosing an exclusive gaming console for a game’s release is a surprise but a welcome one as it only increases more competition from other consoles to have better games and also just fuels more diversity in terms of IPs in the industry.

Thus, to solve one of your major queries, here’s the answer to the question: is Starfield coming to PlayStation consoles?

Is Starfield coming to PlayStation consoles? Character held hostage

Will Starfield be released for Playstation consoles?

No, Starfield will not be coming to Playstation consoles as it is an Xbox-exclusive title. The game will be available on only Xbox Series X|S on September 6, 2023, and then on game pass on day one. None other Xbox consoles will have this new Bethesda title.

The interesting thing about this exclusive deal is that major sources claim that Sony was actually looking to make Starfield a Playstation-exclusive game, however, Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax Media was bought by Microsoft for 7.5 billion dollars, essentially turning Starfield into an Xbox-only game.

Keep in mind that it will still come out on PC, so PlayStation players who are looking forward to playing this game should start upgrading their graphics cards. Still, this is a piece of unfortunate news for many PlayStation-only players but this can also be the beginning of a new kind of console war that the industry has never seen before.

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