Disney Dreamlight Valley sushi recipe cooking with rat

Disney Dreamlight Valley sushi recipe

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation game where you can cook a variety of dishes. In this guide, we will show you all you need to know about the sushi recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

You will need to collect ingredients that are scattered across the valley to cook a recipe. Once you know the recipe for sushi, you can collect the things you need and make it.

Sushi is a Japanese dish which is popular throughout the world now, so it’s no surprise that Disney Dreamlight Valley has it. Let’s check out the sushi recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

How to make sushi in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first thing you need to make sushi is a cooking station. You can unlock it by going to Mickey’s house. You can use the stove in his kitchen to make sushi. Or, you can also buy the stove and place it in your own home.

Sushi is a 2-star dish that you can cook in the Disney game. There are actually several types of sushi that you can make, but let’s take a look at the recipe for the easiest one.

To make Sushi, you will need:

  • Rice
  • Any Fish

You can buy Rice seed at Goofy’s Stall and plant it on a plot. It will take 50 minutes to grow. As for the fish, you can choose any type of fish you have. You can get fish by fishing in the ponds around the valley.

Here are some more sushi recipes that you can make:

  • Fugu Sushi: Fugu, Rice, Seaweed
  • Maguro Sushi: Tuna, Seaweed, Rice, Ginger
  • Sake Sushi: Salmon, Rice
  • Kappa Maki: Seaweed, Cucumber, Rice
  • Maki: Seaweed, Rice, Any Fish
  • Sake Maki: Rice, Seaweed, Salmon
  • Tekka Maki: Rice, Seaweed, Soya, Tuna

That’s all you need to know on how to make sushi in Disney Dreamlight Valley. We hope this guide helped you figure out what you need for the sushi recipe! For more help on this game, check out our other guides such as how to make a basil omelette and where to find Mickey’s secret door.