Calico Koi Palia - how to get it Character collecting water from a pond

Calico Koi Palia – how to get it

There is a wide variety of fish in Palia. Each of them is more or less categorized by how rare, epic, common, or uncommon they are to catch. This means that if you are looking for a particular fish, you have to remember the time and the exact location where it can be found. But thankfully there are some fish that are much easier to find. Calico Koi is one of those common fishes. So, here’s how you can catch Calico Koi in Palia.

Fishing for Calico Koi is a great way to practice fishing. Moreover, as there are many other types of common fish in the game, you may have to wait for it a little.

Keep reading to find out how you can catch Calico Koi in Palia. This fish also looks really beautiful and has amazing patterns on it.

Calico Koi Palia - how to get it Character fishing

How to catch Calico Koi in Palia

To catch the Calico Koi fish you don’t need any bait and you can fish for it any time of the day, so catching it is pretty easy. Even beginner fishermen can try it. Travel to the following water bodies and start fishing there:

  • Fisherman’s Lagoon
  • Mirror Pond Ruins
  • Pulsewater Plains

These places have a high chance of containing Calico Koi fish. However, if you are looking for a more convenient way of fishing Calico Koi, then you can try fishing for it in a pond inside your housing plot.

You can sell it for 23 Gold or 34 Gold if you caught a Star Quality one. But it’s more sensible to put it in an aquarium as it is very aesthetically pleasing to look at.

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