Final Fantasy 7 remake Intergrade looking sunset

5 of the best must-play JRPGs on Steam

The fall season is rapidly approaching and it’s time to heat up the coco (with marshmallows of course), power on that PC and boot up Steam. There’s no better time than now to get yourself invested in a good old Japanese role-playing game. Luckily, Steam gives you access to a candy store of goodies when it comes to this genre. So, we’ve put together this list of the best must-play JRPGs on Steam for you.

Now, not all JRPGs are made equal, so there’s something for everyone.  Some are of the action-heavy monster-slaying variety, while others are calculated strategic turn-based style. Clearly, everyone will have their preference, so this list will have a nice sweet mix of different styles and subgenres. 

Enough introduction, here is a list of five best must-play JRPGs available on Steam today! If you enjoy this list make sure to check out our other list of the best indie games of August.

Final Fantasy XIV

I can assure you this will not be the only Final Fantasy title we will recommend here. Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise is one of the best JRPG experiences you will find in the genre, that does not need to be said, right? Perhaps you’re looking to get into a deep MMORPG, well I can promise you Final Fantasy XIV will definitely satisfy that need. Players will get to customize their own characters with a variety of job classes that will allow them to play out their ultimate fantasy character. The game is free to play for 30 days, after that, a subscription will be needed to continue; however, this gives newcomers a chance to decide if they enjoy the game enough to want to continue and drop that sweet moolah. Get it on Steam.

Monster Hunter Rise

Fancy yourself some dragon monster slaying action? Well, look no further than Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise. Create your own character, pick the weapon you like from an enormous variety of melee and ranged, and go on a monster-slaying rampage. The newest installment features some cool new moves as well, like the wire bug that will allow you to take to the sky to pull off some sick aerial combos. Let us also not forget the ability to temporarily control monsters and pull off some epic kaiju-like monster battles! Get it on Steam.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Well, we did spoil that there was going to be one more Final Fantasy title on the list… A classic, beautifully remade for the modern era, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is another must-play JRPG experience. This action RPG adventure will take players on quite a rollercoaster ride with Cloud and friends as they take on the mega corporation, Shinra, along with having to struggle with Cloud’s past. This version of the game will allow players to also take on a new story chapter, which is focused on one of my favorite characters in all of Final Fantasy, Yuffie Kisaragi. Get it on Steam.

Potion Permit

Now it’s time for something a little bit cozier and relaxing. Players looking for something outside of having to run after monsters to slay might as well check out MassHive Media’s Potion Permit. This life sim pixel game will have you managing relationships, cutting down forest animals, and gathering ingredients. As the town’s last hope, you’ll use those ingredients to brew potions and diagnose illnesses to save the local town’s residents. Get it on Steam.


Do you like Pokemon? Oh well, who doesn’t? Then perhaps you’re more than ready for a new creature collection adventure to get into. Temtem will not only give you that poke-related experience but also take it up a notch with a massively multiplayer online mode. Take to the fields and explore an airborne archipelago with friends, while battling other tamers from all around the world. Get it on Steam.

These are some of our favorite must-play JRPGs that are currently available on Steam. Naturally, you might also add some other favorites that you’re thinking of this minute, why not take a couple of seconds and comment down below some JRPGs on Steam you’d recommend? Also, if you’re curious about some upcoming games to check out, take a look at our best indie games from PAX West.