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The best indie games – August 2022

In between battling forest fires and trying to stay hydrated, there’s always time to play. What have you been playing while fighting what was probably the hottest summer of your life? It might also be the colder of the rest of your existence, you know. That’s a thought for you. Anyway, anxious to find out what the best indie games we’ve been playing are?

Truth be told we have been quite busy, what with launching the website and everything, but you can bet your perfumed derriere that we can always find time to try out some indie games. So, here are five of the best indie games that you should check out this month.

Below, we’ve listed the five best indie games of this month. Check back next month to see our latest picks for the best self-published games you should be getting your grubby little hands on.

Vampire Survivors

An ultra popular casual game inspired by Castlevania and powered by ultra-obscure Italian memes, Vampire Survivors was the talk of the first months of 2022. The developer has been busy improving and adding weapons, characters and levels, with a 1.0 release date which is coming soon. There’s definitely much more meat to chew on now and still at the same low price! If you need a quick game to relax your brain or just do not want to get into a story or complicated mechanics, just fire up Vampire Survivors and try to stay alive. Get it on Steam.

Video Game Fables


This caught us by surprise since we had never heard of the game before, but it turned out to be quite what the doctor ordered: a lightweight funny Paper Mario-inspired RPG. And besides its mechanics and humorous dialogues, hide some well thought and designed RPG mechanics that will definitely interest even some of the more serious players. Want to know more about Video Game Fables? Then be sure to check out our review. Get it on Steam.

Bear and Breakfast

Who better to run a bed and breakfast in the middle of a forest, trying to get humans to go back to nature, than a bear? Well, I could think of a few better animals but that’s what we’ll be doing in this cute little management game. Gather resources to restore dilapidated cabins to their former glory, provide comfort to your guests and proceed. The slow pacing and delicious 2D graphics make Bear and Breakfast a great slice of comfort. Get it on Steam.

Influence Inc.

What if we could influence the outcome of a political election with a few simple clicks? No, this is not a Russian hacker simulation, but rather a serious real-time strategy game where all choices matter. Company will request that you influence consumers to buy a certain product or an album by an artist. Naturally, you can abide by their request or you can dig deep and find out some more interesting dirt to pass along to newspapers. Look forward to our review coming soon. Influence Inc is available on Steam.


Another influencer-related game? Oh yes, but this time it’s quite a different dish, as we guide Anthony who is looking for content to make viral videos with. The adventure will lead him down some pretty horrific paths and it is up to us to make his followers count matter. Content is definitely perfect for those long summer nights where one needs a bit of horror. Available on Steam (for free or paid Steam edition).

These are the best indie games that we have been playing this month. What have you been playing? Something good? Let us know! Also check out our other guides, especially if you’re looking forward to the release of Return to Monkey Island.