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Syberia walkthrough – how to beat the Microids adventure game

It might be over two decades old, but who doesn’t want a Syberia walkthrough? The adventure game from Microids is one of the last 3D point-and-clicks to hit the mainstream, with comic artist Benoit Sokal at its heart.

Our Syberia walkthrough is a step-by-step guide to completing the game. We’ve tried to avoid spoilers where possible, but it just can’t be helped sometimes, so bear that in mind if you’re going to keep this guide open as you play.

Below, you’ll find where you need to go, as well as all of the puzzle solutions throughout the wintery journey. Well, what are you waiting for? Get playing.

syberia walkthrough kate walker at hotel reception


Upon your arrival in Valadilene, you will find yourself at the hotel. Begin by clicking on the noticeboard to obtain the advertising brochure. This brochure will provide you with some background information about the town and the toy factory.

Next, head south and approach the table where Momo is sitting. Engage in a conversation with him, despite his slow demeanor. Please take note of the drawing he is etching into the table.

Now, return to the hotel counter and examine it closely. Collect the key and select it from your inventory. Click on the toy bell ringer, followed by the red button. This action will summon the hotel manager.

Speak with the hotel manager. During the conversation, Momo will become upset and leave, accidentally dropping some items on the floor. The manager will then escort you to your hotel room. Once in your room, pick up the fax on the bedside table. It is a letter from your boss, so it would be wise to give him a call.

Make note of the telephone number provided on the fax. This number connects to your office. Access your inventory and select your phone. Dial the office number and make the call.

Head downstairs once again and inquire about a “mission” from the hotel manager. He will hand you a recently arrived letter of introduction.

Proceed to the spot where Momo was sitting earlier. Collect the two cogs lying on the ground and the two cogs on the table.

syberia walkthrough notary office

Leave the hotel and walk three screens to the left until you reach a large building with a bus shelter in front. This is the notary’s office. Grab the newspaper from one of the benches, which contains an article about the death of Anna Voralberg.

Take a closer look at the mechanism near the door and pull the lever on its chest. Place the letter of introduction (fax 2) in the automaton’s hands, then pull the lever on the right. The doors will open for you.

Enter the door on the left where Maitre Alfolter is sitting at his desk. Engage in a conversation with him, and he will inform you about a letter from Anna stating the existence of another inheritor to the toy factory, Hans Voralberg.

Before leaving the notary’s office, make sure to pick up the telescopic key from the umbrella stand located right in front of the main entrance.

Proceed to the factory gate on the right side of the main street. Along the way, you will receive a call from Dan, who is not in the best of moods.

syberia walkthrough mammoth doll

The Mansion and the Mammoth Cave

Inspect the factory gate closely and use the telescopic key from your inventory on the top figure. Then, turn the winding mechanism at the bottom to open the gate. At this point, you will have several paths to choose from.

To reach Anna’s mansion, take the path to the right. However, the front door of the mansion is locked. So, continue around the back until you find a peculiar ladder. Follow the path further into the garden to the right, and you will encounter a hedge maze. Have a conversation with the gardener.

Enter the open gate on the left and proceed through the gate on the next screen, leading to the top. You will come across a water basin. Take a look inside and retrieve the Voralberg key. Return to the unusual ladder and examine its back closely. Use the Voralberg key on the keyhole, causing the ladder to ascend.

Climb the ladder and enter the house through the attic window. Head left and open the writing desk. Collect the ink and Anna’s diary. The diary reveals information about Hans’ accident and his departure from Valadilene.

In the attic, walk to the other side and proceed to the dark area at the top of the screen. Although it’s too dark to see, you can find a light bulb on the top right side of the screen. Turn it on to illuminate the area. As you do, you’ll hear a noise behind you. Return to Momo and engage in a conversation.

Momo will ask you to draw a mammoth. He’ll provide you with a pencil and paper for the drawing. Go back to the dark area and closely examine the wooden beam on the right. Hans etched a mammoth there many years ago. Use the pencil and paper on the mammoth etching.

Give the pencil tracing of the mammoth to Momo, who will then reveal a secret. Follow Momo out of the factory area and down the main street of Valadilene. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the forest as you continue to follow Momo.

When you reach a fork in the road, talk to Momo again. Proceed up the steps and attempt to open the dam, but one of the wooden levers will break. Return to Momo and ask for his assistance. Although Momo’s attempt to open the dam will result in the broken lever, pick it up.

Head back to the rowboat you passed earlier and use the broken lever to bring the oar closer to you. However, Kate doesn’t want to touch the oar due to its dirtiness and wetness. Seek Momo’s help once more, and he’ll take the oar to the fork in the road. Ask for his assistance again, and he’ll utilize the oar as a lever to open the dam.

Now that the water level has lowered, you can cross the river. Take the path that leads across the river and follow it into the cave. Behind the stalagmite, you’ll find a mammoth toy doll. Examine it closely and pick it up.

Return to the town, and while on your way, you’ll receive a call from work.

syberia walkthrough factory

The Factory

Return to the factory courtyard and take the path on the top left to reach the platform. On the platform, you’ll find a canister and a lever on one of the columns. Pull the lever, and a claw will transport the canister into the factory.

Go back to the courtyard and enter the factory through the left path. As you enter, take the stairs on the left-hand side. Open the first door to enter Anna’s office. Take a closer look at Anna’s desk, where you’ll find the new train design, an unfinished letter from Anna to Hans, and some outstanding bills.

Examine the cabinet in the center of the room, which contains a clock. Pull out the second book from the right, causing the clock section to spin and reveal a music box, a Hans-Anna mechanical toy, and a music cylinder.

Return to the factory floor and head to the right, then up to the door at the top left of the screen. This will lead you to a room where you can activate the water wheel to power up the factory. First, pull the chain to the right, and then pull the lever.

Leave the room and run all the way to the right until you reach a platform with the canister you brought in from outside. At this point, you’ll receive a call from your mother.

Next, examine the forklift and turn the crank to set it in motion. It will transport the canister to the factory production line.

Proceed through the door at the top of the room and you’ll see an automaton hanging above a bench. Walk around to the back and wind the crank to lower the automaton onto the bench. Now, you can interact and have a conversation with him. He’ll inform you that he needs legs and give you a punch card for the production line.

Go up the staircase again, bypass Anna’s office, and continue up the second set of stairs to reach the control desk. Pull the lever on the bottom right to illuminate it.

Insert the punch card into the slot and use the left control to change the color of the legs. Refer to the advertising brochure to determine the appropriate color for the legs. Look for the ebony sample on page two, indicating the color used for sophisticated models.

Choose the light tan color, and the legs will drop out at the end of the production line. Retrieve the legs and give them to Oscar. He will quickly rush off to attend to the train.

syberia walkthrough church

The Church

Leave the factory and make your way up the hill to reach the church. The gates should be open now, allowing you to enter. As you arrive, you’ll receive a call from your boss, Mr. Marson, urging you to finalize the sale or face consequences.

At the front of the church, walk to the right and go all the way around to the back. There, you’ll come across a peculiar elevator. Continue past it until you reach a back door, which happens to be unlocked.

Move around the table and approach the altar. Take a closer look at the crucifix hanging on the wall and slide it aside to reveal a hidden key. Retrieve the key.

Now, go over to the dresser and use the key to unlock it. Search through all the drawers and collect the red punch card, purple punch card, green punch card, and blue punch card.

Open the third drawer and notice that it’s not complete. Turn the crank to fully extend the drawer, and then take the Voralberg key and the letter of confession.

Return to the elevator and examine the wall. You’ll see cogs that resemble the drawing Momo etched into the table, but some cogs are missing.

Place the four cogs from your inventory into the appropriate slots and pull the lever.

The elevator will take you up to the belfry, where you’ll find an automaton with a slot in its back. Take a closer look and insert one of the punch cards. The bells will chime, each punch card playing a different tune. Use the purple punch card, as it plays the requiem.

During the cutscene, the automaton sitting on the mausoleum will lower its hat. Descend the elevator and head left towards the mausoleum. Examine the hat and use the Voralberg key to open the mausoleum gate.

Walk down the steps and pull open Hans’ crypt. Inside, you’ll discover a Valadilene voice cylinder and a press cut.

Quickly return to Anna’s office in the factory and use the Valadilene voice cylinder in the music box. You’ll witness the story of how Hans had his accident.

syberia walkthrough oscar the automaton

Leaving Valadilene

Return to the factory courtyard and take the top right path that leads to the train station. Step inside the train and have a conversation with Oscar. He’s quite strict about following the rules and won’t leave unless you have a ticket.

Exit the train to the left and proceed to the ticket office. Oscar will be there and he’ll provide you with a ticket and the train release form. This form needs to be stamped, so make your way to the notary. Look for the reception desk with the approval stamp on it. Place the train release form on the desk, then fill the top of the stamp with ink. Press the red button, and your form will be stamped.

Return to the train station and cross over to the right side of the train. You’ll come across a train winder. Turn the crank and then pull the lever to wind up the train.

Re-enter the train, and you’ll receive a call from Dan. The relationship seems to be deteriorating, but Dan will have to wait for now.

Give Oscar the train release form, but there are still a few things to be done before you can depart.

Go to the center of the train and place the Hans-Anna mechanical toy on the central pedestal. The toy mammoth doll should be placed on the rectangular base on the desk, and the Valadilene voice cylinder and music cylinder should be placed inside the cabinet.

Now, return to Oscar and hand him your ticket to get the train moving.

syberia walkthrough the university


The train has made a stop at Barrockstadt University and needs to be wound up again. While we’re here, we can gather valuable information about Hans and the mammoths. Start by speaking to Oscar and then exit the train to the right.

Approach the ladder that is blocked by cuckoo birds. Kate feels a bit frightened by them. Proceed two screens up and cross the bridge to the other side of the train. Walk to the left until you reach the station master standing by the water. Before engaging in a conversation with him, pick up the hook lying on the sand.

Inquire the station master about the birds, and he’ll share details about the cuckoos that were introduced to the station from the Amerzone. He’ll also mention the mechanical eagle that collects cuckoo eggs on the gangway above the station.

Continue all the way to the right, past the train, until Kate notices a machine resembling a train winder. Return to the train, and Oscar will have an important message for you. Follow him inside the train, where he’ll inform you that you’ve been summoned by the rectors who wish to speak with you regarding your train.

Exit the train from the left side, climb the bridge to the right, and follow the path until you encounter a German couple on a barge. Engage in conversation with them, and they’ll agree to tow your train to the train winder for a fee of $100.

Proceed back up the path and walk to the right, towards Barrockstadt University. At the entrance to the university, you’ll be greeted by remarkable mammoth statues.

Pass by the bandstand with automatons and continue into the university. Before we can proceed on our journey, there are a few tasks to be completed here.

Upon entering the university, head towards the left and open the large doors at the top of the screen. You’ll find yourself in the library. Descend the stairs, and you’ll spot a purple book lying at the end of one of the tables. Pick it up. This book, titled “Amerzone: Memories of an Expedition,” provides information about the cuckoo birds. They have a fondness for forest sauvignon grapes!

Climb back up the stairs and locate the ladder leaning against one of the bookshelves. Ascend the ladder and retrieve the yellow book that has been placed upside down. It’s titled “The Illustrated Dictionary of Plants and Mushrooms.” Inside, you’ll learn about Yangala-Cola, a substance known to greatly enhance eyesight.

Exit the library and continue walking to the left until you reach the room where the three rectors are present. Engage in a conversation with them, discussing topics such as Hans and money. They will offer to provide you with the $100 needed to tow the train if you can repair the bandstand that Hans built many years ago.

syberia walkthrough university professors

How to get rid of the cuckoos

After conversing with the rectors, exit the room and make your way to the other side of the university to speak with Professor Pons. Specifically, inquire about Hans and the sauvignon. Professor Pons will inform you that there is no forest sauvignon in Barrockstadt but suggests talking to the station master. He also mentions the mammoth doll found in the cave.

Leave the university and receive a call from Mr. Marson, who is eager for an update on the toy factory sale.

Return to the Station Master and inquire about sauvignon once again. However, this time he abruptly cuts the conversation short and rushes off.

Enter the train and retrieve the mammoth doll to show to Professor Pons. Head back to the university, where you’ll find the Station Master on the bridge. Engage in conversation with him again regarding sauvignon. This time, he’ll direct you to speak with the professor.

Once you reach the professor, ask him about sauvignon. He may initially deny its existence, but he’ll also advise you to discuss it with the rectors. Present him with the mammoth doll, and he’ll invite you to attend a lecture later on. He’ll also open the door to his laboratory. Follow him inside.

Inspect the cabinet on the back wall to the left and retrieve the Barrockstadt voice cylinder. Additionally, gather the test tube holder and the Yangala-Cola powder from the lab bench at the bottom right.

Return to the rectors and inquire about sauvignon one final time. They will confess that they are cultivating the shrub and producing wine within the university, with the Station Master responsible for tending to the plants.

Speak to the Station Master once more regarding sauvignon and accompany him back to the garden. Pluck some sauvignon grapes from the plant.

Feed the sauvignon grapes to the cuckoos blocking the ladder to the gangway, and they will move aside. Ascend the ladder and utilize the test tube holder to retrieve the cuckoo egg collected by the mechanical eagle.

syberia walkthrough mammoth statues

How to fix the bandstand

Return to the bandstand and examine the door. Place the cuckoo egg on the scales to balance the golden egg. Rotate the wheel, and the door will open. Descend the ladder and pull the lever. That’s all it takes! The bandstand is now operational.

Inform the rectors that the bandstand has been repaired. They will provide you with the $100 required for towing the train. Hurry back to the couple with the barge and hand them the money. They are willing to tow the train but are unsure about operating the floodgates. The man will toss you a lock key for the lock controls.

Walk back towards the bridge, and along the way, Kate will receive a call from her mother.

Inspect the flood gate controls and take note of the number on the sign: 2766-6742.

Dial the number and follow the instructions:

Press “#” to start.
Press “4” for the Barrockstadt Lock.
Press “2” to lower the water level.
Press “*” to confirm your decision.

You will be informed that the technician is currently on vacation, and you will need to manually open the lock. Examine the controls and use the lock key to unlock the glass case. Press the same numbers as you did on the phone: “#”, “4”, “2”, and “*” in that order to lower the water level and open the gate.

Hasten back to the barge and inform them that the lock is open. Once the barge has reached the central area, use the controls again. This time, enter “#”, “4”, “1”, and “*” to raise the water level. Return to the front of your train and speak with the couple. Ask them for assistance, and the man will toss you a chain that can be used to attach your train.

However, the chain is missing a hook. Use the hook from your inventory on the chain and witness your train being towed to the winding machine. Just as you are about to depart, you will receive a call from the professor, inviting you to attend his lecture.

After the lecture, return to his laboratory and retrieve your mammoth doll and the pamphlet on the Legend of the Ivory Ark.

Go back to the train and ensure that the voice cylinders and mammoth doll are in their proper places before winding up the train.

syberia walkthrough soldier at the wall

How to get through the Barrockstadt Wall

Return to the train and walk to the other side, crossing the tracks. Proceed to the train winder, turn the wheel, and pull the lever. Dan will call you, wondering when you will be returning home.

Engage in a conversation with Oscar and inquire about the mission. The train will resume its journey. However, it will soon come to a halt as a massive wall blocks the way! Exit the train to the right and speak to Oscar in the booth. He will inform you that an exit visa is necessary to proceed beyond the wall.

Make your way around the booth and enter the door on the side of the wall. Ascend the stairs and receive another call from your friend. Cross the walkway and open the door. Inside, you will encounter Captain Malatesta. Currently, he is not issuing any visas due to perceived dangers.

After conversing with the captain, inspect the telescope. Use the red button in the top right to focus it. It turns out that the horseman he was concerned about is merely a dead tree.

Direct your attention to the table and use the wine bottle on the glasses. Then, add the Yangala-Cola powder to the wine glasses. This powder is known to improve eyesight. Kate will convince the captain to have a glass with her. He will then check on the horseman and realize his mistake.

The captain will provide you with the exit visa. Descend back to Oscar and present him with the exit visa. In return, he will give you a departure ticket from Barrockstadt. Return to the train and give the ticket to Oscar.

syberia walkthrough cosmodrome


Upon arriving in Komkolzgrad, exit the train from the right side. Walk towards the distant giant automaton while Oscar explains that he’ll remain in the train due to the polluted air.

Climb up the ladder attached to the giant automaton. Once inside, examine the open cupboard. Retrieve the Komkolzgrad voice cylinder, diagram, and handle. Take note of the controls on the right and insert the handle into the center slot. Moving the handle will make the automaton move forward and backward. Inside the right foot of the automaton, there is a train winder.

Push the handle forward twice until the automaton aligns with the front of the train, then press the red button. The train has been wound up.

Return to the train and notice a suspicious man leaving. Hurry inside and head to the back, where you find Oscar tied up. Click on Oscar to untie him. He is visibly upset, and his hands have been stolen.

Pick up the metal shears and use the Komkolzgrad voice cylinder on the pedestal. You’ll hear about Hans working for the Russians in this factory. After returning the voice cylinder, exit the train and return to the controls of the giant automaton.

Move the giant automaton forward once, then head outside. You’ll be able to jump across to a ledge. Use the metal shears to widen the hole in the side of the building. Move to the other side of the room and look out the windows to observe the factory.

Inspect the shelving closely and pick up the peculiar-looking spark plug. Enter the giant automaton and move it back one space. Descend the ladder and walk past the train. You’ll come across a mine entrance with a lever. Pull the lever to bring up the elevator.

Inside the mine, you receive a call from Dan. Examine the generator on the left side and place the spark plug at the top. Pull the lever in front of the spark plug, and the lights will turn on.

Proceed down the mine shaft and enter the elevator at the other end. From here, you have two options: south and east. Start by heading east, going up the stairs to reach the giant organ. Take a look at the automaton sitting in front of the keyboard. Are those Oscar’s hands? Grab the screwdriver on the left.

Return to the elevator and take the south path. Continue until you reach a ladder with a notice screwed on at the bottom. Examine it closely and use the screwdriver to remove the four screws. Climb the ladder, enter the door, and engage in a conversation with Serguie Borodine, the director of Komkolzgrad Industrial City.

The director is fascinated with Helena Romanski and is preparing for her potential return. Your task is to find her and bring her back for a performance; otherwise, he won’t return Oscar’s hands. After the conversation, he allows you to view her shrine. Descend the ladder and take a look.

In one of the drawers, you find a scrapbook. Within its pages, there is a cut-out describing Helena Romanski singing with her close friend Franck Malkovitch. Fortunately, Kate’s mom is currently dating Franck.

Give Kate’s mom a call and discover that Helena Romanski is presently in Aralbad. Climb the ladder to speak with the director again, and Dan will give you another call.

Inform the director about Aralbad. Although he cannot provide a direct means of transportation, he offers a monorail trip to the space compound, where there might be a vehicle you can use.

syberia walkthrough airship

How to get the airship working

Proceed towards the bottom of the screen, crossing the metal ramp, and receive a call from your friend Olivia. Keep walking along the ramp and climb the stairs on the left side. Once upstairs, you’ll find two paths: another set of stairs partially concealed behind an old rocket and a path to the right.

Take the path to the right and enter the open cylinder. Inside, you’ll find a drunken colonel who won’t provide any useful information in his current state. Pick up the bottle of vodka, and the colonel will stumble outside, eventually falling into a bin. Return to the cylinder and collect the key and the letter.

We need to find a way to sober up the colonel so we can have a coherent conversation with him. Exit the cylinder and descend the small set of stairs. Approach the colonel, and you’ll notice a wheel crank. Turn it to activate the water supply.

Go back up the small staircase to the water pump control panel. Use the key on the control panel, which has several levers from left to right:

A lever for moving the bin forwards and backwards.
A lever for turning the water on and off.
A lever for moving the bin left and right.

Push the lever to move the bin to the left, then move it back and turn the water on. This will splash the colonel with water, waking him up. Now, you can have a meaningful conversation and obtain clear answers from him.

Continue walking to the right, past the colonel, and you’ll reach the cosmodrome. To the left of the cosmodrome is the control panel for the rocket ship, and to the right, you’ll find the airship, both creations of Hans.

First, go to the right, climb the stairs, and attempt to enter the airship. It’s locked, so return to the colonel and inquire about the airship. He will give you the airship key.

Go back to the airship, unlock the door with the airship key, and pull the lever. However, it still doesn’t work. Rush back to the colonel, who is now on the other side of the cosmodrome. He refuses to reveal how to start the airship until you fix the rocket so he can take a ride to the stars.

Go to the rocket control panel and take the Voralberg key located on the left. Use the key on the cross-shaped slot to the left of the controls.

The screen remains inactive, indicating a wiring issue. Open the rectangular panel on the bottom right of the controls and connect the two wires. Turn on the computer.

The screen will prompt you to provide a blood sample before boarding the rocket. Take the blood testing apparatus and hand it to the colonel. He will give you a sample. Return to the control panel and press the second button from the left. The computer will reject the sample due to high alcohol levels.

Click on the blood testing apparatus again, and Kate will use a sample of her own blood. Press the blood sample button again, and you should have a valid sample now.

Click the leftmost button to pick up the cylinder, then click on the curved arrows to set the colonel spinning around the cosmodrome. Wait for him to enter the spaceship and instruct you to press the launch button, identified by a triangle symbol above it.

Just before the colonel departs, he will provide instructions on how to operate the airship and toss you the crank for the foghorn. Pass by his makeshift home and take the stairs leading upwards. At the top, you’ll see a foghorn with an eagle inside a cage.

Use the crank handle on the foghorn to release the eagle. The eagle will take flight and scare away all the birds. Return to the airship and pull the crank. This time everything should be functional, and the airship will take off, transporting you directly to Aralbad.

syberia walkthrough a fountain


Walk away from the airship and make your way toward the fountain. In the midst of this, you’ll receive an important call from Mr. Marson, reminding you of the pressing nature of the situation. Proceed to the Hotel Kronsky and engage in a conversation with Felix Smetana, the individual behind the counter. Unfortunately, Felix proves unhelpful in providing any details regarding Helena Romansky or Hans Voralberg. Therefore, you must find a way to divert his attention in order to examine the registry.

Make your way to the left side of the room and open the closet, where you’ll discover a bottle of detergent. Take it and head outside to the fountain. Pour the detergent into the fountain, causing it to become blocked and creating a messy scene.

Return inside the hotel and draw open the curtains. Engage in conversation with Felix once more, potentially needing to ring the bell if he’s preoccupied with the television. As soon as Felix becomes aware of the situation with the fountain, he hastily grabs a mop and rushes outside to clean up the mess. This presents an opportunity for you to investigate.

Walk behind the counter and closely examine the hotel registry. Several notable details come to light. Firstly, both Hans and Helena have stayed at the hotel. If you inspect the entry for 5/6/1981, you’ll discover that Helena possesses a code: 1270.

Retrieve the hotel pamphlet, and inside you’ll find a scribbled phone number for the Paris hotel. The number is 46433643, which you’ll need for later use.

You’ll also notice a small red button behind the counter. Press it to unlock access to other areas within the hotel.

Continue through the gates and proceed to the pool and dining area. Circle around the large pool towards the right until you reach a table adorned with plates and crystal dishes. Choose one of the crystal dishes to take with you.

Walk to the opposite side, the dining area, and engage in conversation with James, an automaton. James kindly extends an invitation to have tea with Madame Romanski once she finishes her walk.

Direct your attention to the console near the gate leading outside. Enter Helena’s code, which is 1270. While this won’t open the gate, it will grant you access to the locker room door on the other side of the pool.

Pick up the access code lying on the floor. This card’s code is 0968, and you can use it on the console to open the gate leading to the pier. Return to the console and input the code. Before venturing to the pier, don’t forget to retrieve the gas mask and put it on.

At the end of the pier, you’ll encounter Helena Romanski. After engaging in conversation with her, Felix will storm out. Fortunately, Helena stands up for you and demands that Felix treat you with respect due to a guest.

Helena is now ready to come inside. Although ringing the bell won’t be effective, as James is too far away to hear it, you can solve this issue by grabbing the bell and placing it on the bell stand closer to the hotel. Pull the chain to ring the bell. Although James still doesn’t respond due to the strong wind, he eventually goes out and brings Helena back inside.

Following a call from Kate’s mom, James returns with Helena. Take this opportunity to ask her about everything, and she’ll share her disappointment regarding her inability to sing.

Fortunately, there is a cocktail that a bartender in Paris once concocted, which miraculously restored her voice years ago. Luckily, you have the number for that hotel in the Edenor Hotels pamphlet. Dial the number, 46433643, and request to speak to George. He’ll provide you with the recipe for the Blue Helena.

syberia walkthrough kate making blue helena cocktail

How to make the Blue Helena

The Blue Helena Cocktail Recipe is made by using the following ingredients in this order:

  • 1) One measure of vodka
  • 2) One measure of blue curacao
  • 3) One measure of honey
  • 4) Dash of lime
  • 5) Ice cubes
  • 6) Shake all ingredients together

Proceed to open the closet located beneath the counter on Helena’s side, retrieving the lemon and crystallized honey. Make your way to the opposite side of the pool and turn the wheel behind the spa. This action will generate enough heat to melt the honey. Place the honey in the spa and allow it to warm up.

Head back to the bar and examine the bottles more closely. Press the I/O button to turn on the bar. Position the vodka bottle in the vacant spot on the top right. Place the lemon on the squeezer situated in the top left. Finally, insert the honey into the slot on the top far right.

Retrieve the musical score and take a look at it. At first glance, it may appear perplexing. Remember that there are seven notes on the keyboard, seven bottles in the bass section, and seven bottles in the treble section. The orange dot indicates the beginning of a new octave.

Begin with vodka, which is in the bass section, second from the left. Switch to bass mode and press the key second from the left.

Next comes blue curacao. It can be found third from the start of the treble section. Switch to treble mode and press the key third from the left. That’s the trickiest part sorted. To incorporate the remaining ingredients, press the honey, lemon, and ice cube buttons. Finally, press the barman button on the right to shake and serve the drink.

If you make a mistake, Helena will reject the cocktail, granting you another chance to try again. You can keep attempting until you get it right. Once you offer her the Blue Helena, she will begin to sing but lacks confidence in herself. Place the crystal dish on the bar counter, and she will sing once more, shattering the crystal in the process.

Return to the airship, where you will receive a call from Olivia.

syberia walkthrough meeting hans voralberg

Meeting Hans Voralberg

After Helena’s breathtaking performance, she finds herself trapped in a cage. Hurry to her side and utilize the metal shears to unlock the cage. Step inside and approach the automaton, using the screwdriver to restore Oscar’s hands.

Trapped in Komkolzgrad, descend the stairs and continue until you catch up with Helena. Press the red button located to the left of the metal door to grant access to the elevator. Helena will enter first, and metal bars will prevent you from joining her. Entrust Helena with Oscar’s hands and instruct her to meet you at the train.

Move towards the top of the screen and make use of the alternate elevator. As you exit, the elevator behind you explodes. Dash down the corridor to reach the exit elevator, which is equipped with dynamite, ready to detonate!

The TNT blast destroys the exit elevator but also uncovers a ventilation shaft. Enter the ventilation shaft on the right-hand side, and you will emerge by the train.

Engage in a conversation with Oscar at the front of the train, then proceed to enter the cabin. Before the train departs, a colossal automaton obstructs its path. Dan contacts you, and Kate begins to realize the mundanity of her previous life.

Return to Oscar and engage in a conversation. He will inform you about the iron rods blocking the train. Make your way back to the entrance of the mine and acquire dynamite from one of the crates.

Now that the train has arrived in Aralbad, Oscar decides to take a leisurely stroll outside. You can head to the opposite end of the train platform to speak with him.

Rotate the wheel of the train winder and pull the lever. Rush back into the hotel and capture Felix’s attention by ringing the bell, engaging in a conversation with him.

Return to Oscar and inquire about the mission. Before you depart, Felix will rush out, notifying you of a package at the reception. Go back to the reception area and examine the box on the counter to the left. Inside, you’ll discover another toy mammoth.

Mr. Marson will contact you, expressing his exasperation, but assuring you that the mission is nearing completion. Additionally, Helena will call the reception and invite you to the lounge. Make your way back to the hotel bar and converse with Helena.

Proceed to the pier and engage in a conversation with Hans Voralberg.

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