Is NHL 24 on PC? Characters celebrating a goal

Is NHL 24 on PC?

Grab your sticks and hit that puck, as NHL 24 has just been released. Over the years, this game franchise has developed and dedicated the following, and whenever a new NHL title is released, every ice hockey fan surely checks it out. With NHL 24, EA has brought in high-fidelity graphics and realistic movement and mechanics that have made the game even more immersive. However, what players are probably thinking about the most with this installment is its accessibility and whether NHL 24 is available on PC or not. So, this article will provide a definitive answer.

Most of EA’s sports simulation titles can be played on PC and console systems. However, for many years now, the NHL series has focused more on the consoles than any other platforms. So, new players will get confused quickly regarding where they can play NHL games.

Keep reading to find out if NHL 24 is available on PC. The answer may be sad, but it still needs to be clearly stated to avoid any confusion.

Is NHL 24 on PC? Characters skating

Can you play NHL 24 on PC?

Unfortunately, no. NHL 24 has only been released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. You won’t be able to play it on the PC or Nintendo Switch. This is going to be hard news to swallow for PC players who want to get into this series. Veteran fans are aware that since NHL 09, not a single NHL game has been released on the PC.

You can try to play the class NHL title, but for NHL 24, you will have to buy a console. Luckily, most of the major console systems can run this game. Even the PS4 is compatible with this game, so you can try that platform if you want.

Hopefully. demand for a PC port for this game will gain more traction. Perhaps, then EA finally decides to start releasing games from this series on the PC.

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