Higan Eruthyll tier list - characters ranked - two characters talking

Higan Eruthyll tier list – characters ranked

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Higan: Eruthyll offers players an immersive 3D real-time combat RPG experience. In this guide, we will take you through the ranked characters in the Higan Eruthyll tier list.

The game takes place in a fantastical world known as Planet Eruthyll that is rich with lore and backstory. Players are able to explore the game’s expansive world, interact with a diverse cast of characters, and engage in thrilling battles with challenging enemies.

Let’s find out what characters are ranked in the Higan Eruthyll tier list!

All characters in Higan Eruthyll ranked – tier list

Tier lists are a powerful tool for gamers to easily assess the strength of game characters. It is a useful resource that provides players with a comprehensive ranking of game characters based on their strength and usefulness.

This Higan Eruthyll ranking system divides the characters into four different tiers, with those in the highest tier being the most powerful and useful. Here is the character tier list:

  • S tier: Screamer, Sirslet, Eluya, Media, Asa, Rocco. These are the most powerful and valuable characters. Players should build their teams around them.
  • A tier: Gyldan, Codier, Nuno, Caesar, Fene, Black, Follett, Euphoria, Moetesju, Liv. These characters pack quite a punch and are extremely useful, falling short only by those in the S tier.
  • B tier: Kear, Mireya, Ume, Kloar, Kueen, Isa, Rita, Olivia, Zedra, Vanyth. This tier is split into two sub-tiers. These characters are decent and can still be effective in the game, but have some weaknesses.
  • C tier: Armand, Hathor, Cella, Mommel, Basell. These are the weakest and least useful characters. However, a character’s rank alone isn’t the only thing to think about when making a team. Your own style and preferences matter too, and can affect how effective your team will be.

We hope that this tier list helped you get a better understanding of the character rankings in Higan Eruthyll. Looking for more guides? You might be wondering what upgrade play and Inspiration Sigil are for, so check them out!